What Kind of Tests are Performed During an AC Tune Up?

At Nevada Residential Services, we understand the importance of keeping your air conditioning system running optimally. That's why we offer a comprehensive 20-point air conditioning adjusting checklist to guarantee that your system is operating at its peak efficiency. From examining the filters and thermostat to calibrating the temperature division, our technicians will make sure that your system is running safely and securely. We begin by verifying that you are using the right filter for your system and that it is changed regularly.

If you are not using a special filter such as AccuClean, we suggest changing it every two to three months. We also inspect the thermostat to ensure that it is functioning correctly and that all the cables are connected properly. The temperature division is a crucial part of the air conditioning system. This is the difference between the temperature inside your home and the temperature coming out of the vents. The average temperature division should be 15 degrees.

If it is lower than this, it could indicate a few things, such as an old or undersized system, or a problem with the system that prevents it from producing colder air. During an air conditioner inspection, our technicians will check for safety, efficiency, and cleanliness. They will also recommend any necessary repairs or upgrades. An annual inspection in spring can help prevent breakdowns on hot days and guarantee that your system is properly adjusted and free of dirt or damage. Finally, our technicians check the refrigerant levels to make sure they are at the correct levels for optimal system operations. With our 20-point air conditioning adjusting checklist, you can be confident that your system is running safely and efficiently.