Does a Tune Up Keep Your AC in Tip-Top Shape?

Yes, tuning up your air conditioner is definitely worth it. Regular adjustments ensure that your AC unit continues to run efficiently and reliably. They can also detect potential problems before they become serious, saving you money on expensive long-term repairs. Regularly refining the air conditioner can also help extend its life and reduce energy bills.

When the unit is in good condition, it doesn't work as hard, which means less of an expense for the unit itself (and for your wallet). When a heating and cooling professional makes an AC adjustment, they will check the thermostat. If the thermostat isn't working properly or if the settings aren't correct, the air conditioner may not turn on to cool the house. A professional will ensure that your unit works and is properly configured so that your air conditioner cools your home to the desired setting. During the hottest times of the year in North Texas, it seems that the air conditioner is always running.

Your central AC system can average more than 3,300 hours of operation per year, and in this case, air conditioning accounts for most of that time. At a time when so much in the world is disposable, it's a comfort that modern air conditioning units are built to last up to 15 years. But as with anything mechanically complex, central air conditioning can stop working. Individual parts of the air conditioner can and in fact do wear out, which can lead to system failure. Improving energy efficiency is great for your wallet and for the environment, but better air quality is just as important.

It may be even more important, considering how indoor air quality can affect your health and that of your family. As mentioned earlier, an air conditioning system is designed to last up to 15 years. But to enjoy the benefits of that lifespan, regular maintenance is essential. Homeowners can do some of that maintenance, such as replacing filters, but there are some tasks that are best done by a professional. Most central air conditioning systems come with a parts warranty of at least five years, and thankfully, a well-maintained system is unlikely to need the warranty.

But it's still good for homeowners to have that protection. Most dealers offer extended warranties of up to 10 years or more, which are worth considering. On the hottest days of summer, walking into your home is not only refreshing, but it's also a total relief. Some days the heat can be so scorching that it's surprising how anyone survived before air conditioning was available to most homeowners nearly 100 years ago. When you get your AC ready before the heat hits, you'll know that your air conditioner is ready for that 200,000 mile trip. In addition, depending on the general condition of your air conditioner and the price you pay to set it up, you can recover more than the cost of the tune-up due to reduced electricity bills.

A tune-up for your AC system is like a tune-up for your car; it's designed to keep your air conditioner running at maximum efficiency. But there are several other ways, and in some cases, more impactful ways, for AC adjustments to save money. The additional benefits of a well-maintained air conditioning unit, such as helping the environment, improving indoor air quality in a home, and avoiding the hassle and expense of an unexpected breakdown are other reasons why setting up the AC is vital. Your technician can provide you with answers as well as advice on ways you can keep your central AC running smoothly between each tune-up. An AC tune-up also offers homeowners the opportunity to ask questions of a licensed HVAC professional and learn about their air conditioning system. An AC tune-up is the easiest way to make that experience work for you and protect one of your home's most important investments.

During an AC tune-up, an HVAC professional can change filters and inspect the system for contaminants and biological contaminants such as mold and bacteria. A spring tune-up will give you peace of mind knowing that your central AC is ready to keep your home comfortable when temperatures drop. The cost of tuning an AC varies from company to company but it is almost always much less expensive than what you must pay when a fault occurs. An AC tune-up is affordable and compared to the potential cost of repairing it's downright cheap.